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from Valued Clients

As the business owner of Back to Health, for almost 18 years, I would have to say........
A business blessed with the best clients is truly a gift. Without your trust, loyalty and faith in me as your muscular therapist the business would not thrive. Thank you to all of you!!!

-- Patti Moynihan, Back to Health Therapist

"Just sending you out this quick note to let you know how pleased i am with your services. I've been going to see you for a couple of years now approx once a month, for several different issues. In my case probably related to my work. Being the owner of a construction company i need to stay in complete health and fitness. And when i have an achy muscle or joint no matter what it is or where it is you seam to find a way to fix it, along with good advise for stretching, icing and what to do and what not to do. I've been to see you for issues from head to toe literally neck pain, lower back, shooting pain in the ribs, torn hamstring, shoulder pain, and foot pain. And i truly believe in your major concern with hip correction. "if your hips crooked, your crooked, get fixed!
So, to make a long story short, THANK YOU!"
-- Aaron

"I have been under Patti's expert care for several years now to treat chronic TMJ related pain in my left temporal and jaw area and related headaches. I am very happy with her ongoing professional treatment. She has used a variety of muscular release styles to free up tense and strained muscles in the effected area.  She is always researching and exploring different muscle releasing techniques for maximum effectiveness. The intraoral tissue releases she uses consistantly has been most effective in reducing the tightness of the over strained muscles and tendons in my left jaw area.  Patti  has also shared with me mouth, tongue and jaw exercises that can be done at home to maintain flexibilty in the affected area and to alliviate discomfort during TMJ flare ups over the course of a day.  Over the course of her treatment, she has contributed to a reduction in my headache severity and related muscle/joint TMJ pain.  Thank you Patti for all your help and I would recommend her highly for anyone with TMJ related issues."
-- Chris

"Patti Moynihan of Back to Health Muscular Therapy is a gifted muscle therapist.  I have been a client for nearly 20 years and Patti's approach to treatment has enabled me to live an active, pain free life following an automobile accident and 3 subsequent spinal surgeries. Over the years, in addition to treating for my original challenges through targeted trigger point massage; Patti has also successfully reduced stress, inflammation, autonomic imbalance and TMJ. Patti's knowledge of the complicated physiological systems in the body is impressive.  I have referred multiple friends and colleagues to Back to Health and not once has anyone been disappointed."
-- cramsden

"I first went to Back To Health around 10 years ago, I think. At the time I was having a very bad time with my neck. My orthopedic doctor said that he couldn’t do anything for me, because it was caused by arthritis, and it wasn’t operable. So I tried chiropractic, because it had previously worked for me for some lower back issues that I have had. The Chiropractor recommended that I get a treatment from Patti before my next treatment from him. He figured the treatment might be more effective, if I was more relaxed. Immediately after I first got treated by Patti, I felt a major improvement. After a couple more treatments, my neck pain had gone away. At first, if I felt any tightness in my neck, I would call Patti for another treatment. Usually it would be every few months, or so. My wife said that it would be a good idea to go before I really needed to. So, I started going every six weeks, and it has worked out great for me. Considering my age (70) , and my arthritis, I feel that the treatments I get from Patti keep me in relatively good shape. I would recommend giving her a try, if you have any type of muscular problem. Works for me, maybe it would work for you, too."
-- Bob

"Before I started seeing Patti at Back To Health, I was miserable. I'm not over exaggerating either. I had been struggling with TMJ for probably about a year and I had been to the oral surgeons. They all told me the same thing, "stay on a soft food diet." I tried that, but my TMJ wasn't getting any better, and to be honest, I was missing being able to eat steak. My TMJ was awful, it was to the point where I couldn't open my mouth wider than a quarter. Needless to say, trips to the dentist were miserable. My jaw was constantly clicking, and it was extremely painful for me to try to open my mouth. I began seeing a chiropractor, which helped a little bit at first, but he could only go as far as my neck, and the big problem area was obviously, my jaw. So he recommended that I make an appointment at Back To Health with Patti, because she could actually work on my jaw. So that's what I did, and I am so so very happy I did, because Patti changed everything for me. Not only is she kind and a great person to talk to, but she really knows what she's doing. It took some time for my jaw to start getting better, and there were some days when I felt like it never would. But Patti didn't give up, and she always told me not to either. And she was right. Gradually, my jaw started to respond to the muscular therapy Patti was giving me. It was great! I could eat some what solid foods again! Although I wasn't up for steak just yet, I could open my jaw wider, with much less pain. I always looked forward to my appointments with Patti because every time I left, I felt so much better. That and I enjoyed talking with her for the half hour we had! Thanks to Patti, my jaw freed up and has been great ever since. I am very happy to say I can once again eat whatever I want, including steak. So, if you're struggling with TMJ like I was, there is hope! Please make an appointment with Patti, she will fix you, I promise. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I never went to see her. She fixed my TMJ and I'm completely positive that she'll be able to fix yours too!" 
-- Sara

"I work in front of a PC for several hours a day, and even though I try to take all the precautions to avoid discomfort and injury, I
often "tweak" my neck and end up with tightness and pain all the way from my collarbone and shoulder blade up to my scalp behind my ear. Before I started seeing Patti, I would suffer with reduced mobility and pain in my neck for weeks at a time.  Patti is able to release the tight muscles in my neck and relieve the pain in a single session.  She targets the kinks and knots and works them out with just the right amount of pressure.  A complete, relaxing neck massage calms the muscles down and keeps them from tightening up again. I have learned a lot from her about the way my muscles work, and how to keep healthy. "
-- Miriam

"I suffer from multiple pain conditions and have been coming to Back to Health for over a year. Patti is the most empathetic massage therapist who has worked with me. She has a unique approach where she looks at how certain trigger points or issues with one part of the body can impact things many others may not know were related. Because of this, Patti isn't just working to relieve a symptom, but actively trying to keep the symptom from popping back up shortly after I leave.  She is able to point out areas of my back that I didn't realize were problems and after a treatment I feel significantly better than when I walked in."
-- Bethany

"After getting massages for TMJ with Patti at Back to Health for the past 4 months, I would confidently recommend her to others who suffer from TMJ. Her intraoral release massages provide relief that has been much needed. She also works on the muscles throughout the neck, shoulders, back and upper chest explaining how they are connected  to TMJ. I have found her whole body approach to be very effective. In addition to the massages, Patti has shown me numerous exercises I can do at home to help with TMJ. Her in-depth knowledge in this area has been key in my treatment plan.  "

-- Mary 

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