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About the Therapist

Patricia Moynihan

After a series of motor vehicle accidents, Patricia was left with an inability to perform daily tasks or work. She underwent surgeries to the face, jaw & neck, and was left with only more pain and frustration. She sought out the care of alternative therapies. This included chiropractors, muscular therapists, physical therapists, speech pathologists and osteopaths. Over time, she began to improve and had a strong desire to get into the field to help others suffering from acute and chronic pain.

She then realized there is a relationship with the mind and body, and the strength of a positive attitude. Through her own personal experience, she understands that the body needs to be healed not only in the physical, but in the emotional and spiritual as well. After graduating school, she was still in pain, but the paradox of helping others continued to help her heal herself. She is very passionate and dedicated to her work, and grateful for the teachings of the supportive practitioners who taught her so much more along her journey.

“I continue to seek out answers for myself -- to share with others to improve life quality.”

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