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About Back to Health Muscular Therapy

Back to Health is a private muscle and massage therapy studio in Dracut, Massachusetts.

Therapist Patricia L. Moynihan graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has been practicing the art of muscular therapy and body work for more than twenty-five years.

Patricia uses the techniques of the Paul St. John Method of Neuro Muscular Therapy combined with her extensive knowledge of anatomy of the muscular skeletal body. Along with her intuitive sense of individual pain patterns, she creates a treatment which facilitates better postural movement patterns. These treatments eliminate nerve entrapments and compressions while allowing tight contracted muscles to relax. Sessions also relieve trigger points to ease chronic and acute pain. Cross fiber friction therapy is also added for strained ligaments.

The combination of these techniques over time enhance flexibility and strength of the joints and muscles which restore body biomechanics.

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